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Cargo Cosmetics
The Bay, Queen St. Toronto Canada.

Store in-store re-design

Cargo was dissatisfied with the visual attention that the existing installation was attracting. They wanted an installation that reflected the Cargo brand and also drew customers into a more immersive cargo experience.

A semi-enclosed pillar-centric Cargo environment providing an experience altogether different from Cargo's previous over-the-counter set-up. The customer is welcomed into the space and encouraged to try out the cosmetics at one of two tester stations.


These renderings were generated quickly in SolidWorks. For this project, finished fully populated renderings were not required. Cargo wanted to explore their creative possibiliteis in a quick informal fashion.


The floating fixtures allow Cargo to re-arrange the environment for promotional reasons, stocking reasons or simply to change things up. Product over-stock is kept in the six storage cabinets below the floting fixtures. Tester prduct is contained below each respective station.


Although this basic rendering is not showing the lighting set-up, the undeside of the overhead cross-member is illuminated. In addition, each tester station is supplied with two overhead accent spots that create the "dressing room" make-up station appeal.

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