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victoria secret

Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret "very sexy" sub-brand instore presence

Victoria's Secret wanted to introduce the "very sexy" line to its exisiting store locations. This new line had its own brand language but needed to be presented within the larger Victoria's Secret identity. All concepts needed to adapt to being either free floating or wall-backedl.

Concept 1:
Free standing 360 degree towers, a dynamic display that gets the consumer walking around sampling the various testers. Provides a unique product presentation, different from the typical linear counter top display method.


C1 wall arrangement:
The units are arranged next to a themed backdrop. This creates a designated area and helps tie all the respective towers together for a localized and cohesive brand experience.


concept 2 :
A more classic counter style display that provides promotional vitrines, testers and open merchandising. This unit uses high gloss white laminate and sharp edges to create a crisp presentation that highlightes the "very sexy" branded pink.

C2 wall arrangement:
Single direction merchandising and linear presentation, the same free floating units are re-positioned into this linear wall-adapted arrangement.

Concept 3:
A tri-panel system that highlights the three distinct cosmetic categories of the very sexy line; face eyes, lips. Mirror clad facades allow the customer to use any surface for tesing product. Merchandise and tester products are stored in the lower cabinets.


c3 wall arrangement:
Framed in a reflective mirror with a heavy moire pink backdrop this wall arrangment creates a front and center "stage" theme. A simple approach to give thh "very sexy" brand a disctinct place in the Victoria's Secret store.

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