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Mixmeister/ Numark International

Midi Controller for Mixmeisters Fusion and Studio software.


Design a controller dedicated and tailored for Mixmeister's Fusion and Studio software.

Fairly new to the dj scene, Mixmeister is fighting for attention and establishment within the very competitive and trendy dj industry. Accordingly, the mixmeister specific controller had to be flashy enough to ignite interest at first glance and demand attention.


Design Solution:
The mixmeister branding provided a good degree of aesthetic inspiration for the design. The single overlay aesthetic takes some of the complication out of the controller and creates an attractive interface that seems to naturally draw your attention to the feature set of the product.

The mixmeister demographic falls somewhere between mobile-dj, bedroom dj and pro-sumer.

Control layout:
The feature layout was developed in collaboration with the software developer and the Numark in-house beta-testing team. Because of the number of controls on the unit it was important to establish distinct visual groupings of the controls to make the unit seem less complicated or confusing during use.


Low profile:
In order to give the controller a techy and portable appeal the profile was kept as low as possible. This required the internal PCB's and IO copmonents to be shuffled around to avoid interference.


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