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Océ Document Systems (Venlo, Holland)


Provide a new aesthetic and functional design solution for the TDS 4, 6 & 800 wide format printers. The current design had been around for 15 years, the aesthetic and functionality of the machine was outdated. It was my task to evaluate the existing machine from an aesthetic and functional standpoint and provide Océ with a new conceptual solution.




Problem Identification:
Through observation and use it became apparent that the following areas needed to be addressed:

1. Paper roll transport (to and from printer).
2. Paper loading (current drawer system requires dangerous lifting).
3. Control panel (appropriate location, redundant commands with computer station).
4. Printer work flow (current system has no directional use flow or logical beginning and end to its use cycle).






Design Solution:
Print engine stands vertically and can be accessed from boh the front and back of the machine.

Paper rolls are loaded vertically into the compartments on the left side of the printer, the printer controls are manipulated using a touch screen located in the center of the printer, and paper output is released on the right side. Therefore the workflow of the machine is linearized from left (input), middle (control), to right (paper output).

The vertical paper bay removes the need for the operator to lift the heavy paper rolls into the drawer system thereby reducing the risk of back iinjury.



Early thumbnail sketches



Form exploration using quick blue foam models.


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